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Speech of the Head of State, Mr. Abdelkader Bensalah to the nation.(APS, 06/06/2019)

ALGIERS-Head of State, Mr. Abdelkader Bensalah urged on Thursday the political class, civil society and national figures to adopt a "comprehensive dialogue" to "reach consensus" and break the political crisis.

In a speech addressed to the nation, Mr. Abdelkader Bensalah urged the political class, civil society and national figures "to adopt a comprehensive dialogue, contribute to establishing the intended consensus and to provide the necessary conditions for harmoniousand peaceful presidential elections.

In his previous speeches, the Head of State renewed his commitment to ensuring "fair, free and transparent elections as required by our people.”

This new step "is indeed a valuable opportunity to consolidate confidence, mobilize national forces and build a broad consensus on all the legislative, regulatory and structural aspects related to elections, ” he added.

"Algeria needs reforms and new aspirations in the political, economic and social spheres, as clearly and peacefully expressed by our people," said Bensalah adding that “the country is going to face many other challenges which require mobilization of all domestic forces.”

Country’s situation “urges me to continue my mission until election of new President”.

Efficient, rational solution lies in presidential elections within acceptable terms

"Only a democratically elected president of the Republic has the confidence and legitimacy to launch these reforms and address the challenges facing our nation," he said, noting that the efficient and rational solution to the country's crisis lies in presidential elections within acceptable terms.

Mr. Abdelkader Bensalah called, once again, all the concerned parties to contribute to establishing the expected consensus and to giving priority to debates and demands of the people.

He also urged all those who love their country, those who are loyal to it and those who reject all forms of exclusion and adventure to spare no effort to ensure fair and transparent presidential elections in a competitive environment.

63rd anniversary of the National Student Day: Message of the Head of the State, Mr. Abdelkader Bensalah .(APS, 19/05/2019)

ALGIERS – Head of the State, Mr. Abdelkader Bensalah on Sunday hailed the "pioneering" role of Algerian students during the peaceful marches they marked with maturity.

Through these marches, the students showed wisdom and awareness of the current sensitive situation for Algeria.

Message of the Head of State, Mr. Abdelkader Bensalah on the occasion of the Holy month of Ramadan.(APS, 05/05/2019)

ALGIERS-The Head of State, Abdelkader Bensalah on Sunday advocated an "intelligent, constructive and good faith" dialogue, “the only way to build a fruitful consensus, as broad as possible, so as to provide the appropriate conditions to hold the presidential election within the agreed deadlines.

In a speech to the Nation on the occasion of the Holy month of Ramadan, Bensalah said that this election is "the only way for the country to emerge permanently and durably from political and institutional instability.”

This call is addressed to "all stakeholders, components of the political class, the movements that structure civil society and all those who are considered as expressing the feelings of a fringe of society, or its elites, inside and abroad, especially young people and women, to mobilize for the achievement of this national strategic objective, as the only way to lead our country towards a safe and prosperous future.”

In fact, a President of the Republic chosen through an indisputable election will enjoy "all the necessary legitimacy and all the prerogatives required to give concrete expression to the deep aspiration for change and meet all legitimate popular demands", he said.

According to Bensalah, the modalities for organizing, monitoring and supervising these elections in all phases of preparation, conduct and result must be "at the heart of this dialogue and the subject of a broad consensus.”

“This option the only one capable of leading our country towards a secure and prosperous future for our people and the only one capable of thwarting the dangers and hostile plans aimed at sinking the country into constitutional vacuum, anarchy and destabilization.”

The Head of the State also hailed the Army efforts willing to "preserve the constitutional conception of the State, ensure its continuity and guarantee the country’s security and stability."

He paid "strong tribute" to the Army Command for its "lucid commitment in supporting our people, in such a decisive phase of their History and its determination to counter the hostile acts against the nation and its territorial integrity as well as the attempts aiming at undermining the country’s national security and jeopardize its national unity."

Speaking about the popular marches, Bensalah described them as a stage which is "qualitatively new and which takes place in a peaceful way. During this stage, our people showed high sense of awareness and maturity, expressing their legitimate demands and ambitions in civilized behaviour which has been admired around the world."

He added that "the voice of the people has been listened. It has received from the State positive responsiveness, readiness and understanding with regard to our people’s demands, aspirations and expectations," underlining the "process of change experiences daily unquestionable progress."

"In the heart of the popular demands, the fight against corruption and the dilapidation of public funds picked up increasing speed, which shows the Judiciary resolutely handling major cases (of corruption). It also reflects a methodic and long term action which will have a positive impact on the national economy, cleansed of the harmful impact of practices that deeply hampered its operation," said Bensalah in his message.

"It stands to reason, however, that the country’s supreme interest imposes the preservation of the State, the respect of its Institutions, as well as the protection of its security and stability, in all the circumstances," he insisted.

"Destabilizing Algeria constitutes, for some parties, a strategic option," he warned.

"Denying this reality or trying to minimize its danger, would be at best naive and at worst a sign of complicity," he concluded.

Address by the Head of State, Mr. Abdelkader Bensalah.(APS, 09/04/2019)

ALGIERS-In accordance with Article 102 of the Constitution, Mr. Bensalah Abdelkader officially took office as Head of State at the Presidency of the Republic on Tuesday.

Head of the State, Mr. Abdelkader Bensalah, on Tuesday in Algiers committed to set up, in consultation with the political and civil class, "a national collegial and sovereign institution, which will be responsible for preparing and organizing national fair and transparent elections."

Bensalah took office as Head of the State, in conformity with the Article 102 of the Constitution. In statement, he said: "In consultation with the political and civil class I propose, in terms of priority and urgency, the creation of a national collegial, sovereign body. Its mission will be the creation of the necessary conditions for the preparation and organization of national fair and transparent elections."

Stressing that the "government and the concerned administrative services will be entrusted with supporting and accompanying it while freely accomplishing its missions," he urged "everyone to surmount the divergences and engage in a collective historical action that lives up to the challenges implied by the (current) period, relying on the values of solidarity, cohesion and abnegation, in order to reach the supreme objective, namely laying the foundations of future Algeria."

In this regard, Bensalah added "I will ensure that the relating legal framework be elaborated and drafted as soon as possible. I request our political class and the citizens to show innovation, participation and trust to build together a new legal system which will be basis for a new political system that would meet the aspirations of our people."

The Head of the State said that "free and sovereign exercise by the people of their choices will lead to the election, within the period stated in the constitution, of a new President of the Republic. This option will be all the more free as the conditions of its exercise will be conditions of calm, serenity and trust."

"The important thing for our people is to choose the person and programme that best meet their aspirations for a new political system capable of taking up the country's major challenges in a modern, democratic, fair and developed Algeria,” said Bensalah.

Expressing the hope that "the forthcoming inauguration of a President of the Republic will trigger the process to build a new Algeria through a programme to which our citizens contribute with ardour and abnegation."

"I expect from everyone a greater mobilization than they have shown so far, to meet the multiple and urgent challenges that our country must inevitably face, including those related to our national and regional security, deep economic, financial and institutional reforms, as well as sustainable social and human development," he continued.

On this occasion, the Head of State greeted "all the social classes who have participated in a peaceful, dignified and responsible manner in the successive marches that have animated the political scene since 22 February.”

Bensalah paid tribute to the forces of our People's National Army (ANP), which "have never failed in the fundamental fulfillment of their constitutional mission and to the wisdom of its Command, which has opted for respect for the Constitution as the only reference point to enable our people to fulfill their aspirations and overcome the current crisis.”